TestimonialsThumbThe subjects at IVLA are both challenging and exciting and I’ve already learned so many incredible things.  I love the subjects I once considered boring. The warm community here makes me feel at home and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. The teachers are easy to contact and are very welcoming which reminds me to be kind every day. I’ve learned far more than I’ve ever dreamed of learning thanks to IVLA!

Taya I., Student

We love IVLA because you are free to work from anywhere in the world! The teachers are very responsive and helpful if you need them. You do not have to follow the traditional school calendar or do standardized testing.

Debby B. (Parent of Nicaragua Student)

Just enrolled my daughter in 6th grade with IVLA.  We’ve been discouraged by the school system for some time.  I’ve been researching and talking to online schools for close to a year.  IVLA came up in 2-3 websites with the most positive parent reviews.  Also, they have more offerings for our students than any of the other programs we’ve considered.  We are very pleased with IVLA’s quick response and friendly staff.  We’re also very excited about IVLA’s mentor program.  As far as online schools go, IVLA seems to be going above and beyond the competition.

Jan D. (Parent)
North Carolina

We love that [our son] has a mentor.  Before, we monitor things ourselves.  It’s helpful to have someone who can provide feedback.  It’s nice not to be alone.

Wendy C.

He’s excited at the end of every day to tell us what he’s learned.

Robin G.

IVLA is a well-kept secret.  When I did my due diligence [researching online schools], IVLA came up on top.

David G.

Because of IVLA, I got to be the parent I needed to be for [my daughter]. I was able to focus on her mental growth and learning. Your updates kept me enough in the loop without [my daughter] feeling like I was in her business all the time.

Julie C.

Studying at IVLA is fun, fast and efficient!

Sarah, (Student)


Each year I look forward to a new beginning at IVLA and meeting all the fun challenges that are given to me! And each year I look forward to meeting my teachers. They have always been so helpful and have quickly replied to all my questions!

Sarah, (Student)

Now that I’m doing online school with IVLA, I can do stuff at my own pace and I get stuff completed a lot quicker. I have time to do the other things I never had time to do.

Stormee, (Student)


Studying at IVLA is fun, fast and efficient! I have been a student at IVLA for a long while and I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed studying at IVLA. There are many advantages to studying at IVLA, one being that it is very affordable. But one of the main reasons I began to use IVLA for my schooling is because my parents and I moved from the US to Europe. We didn’t speak the language so I had to find an alternative schooling option because going to school here was not going to work. That’s when we found IVLA, and I instantly knew that it would be the best school for me!

There’s a 9 hour difference between Europe and the US for me so I am sometimes up around 2 am talking to Grandma (who I am proud to say turned 100 years old this year!). Fortunately, with IVLA I have no worries about falling behind because I know that IVLA will be there to greet me in the morning when I am ready. When I was going to school in the US I would get sick sometimes and I would fall behind in school and have a BIG stack of homework to do when I returned to school. But with IVLA I can still do school AND get rest and not have to worry about a surprise homework assignment when I get back to school, or in some cases on Friday afternoon after I plan something for the weekend.

Another great aspect of IVLA is: You can take your school ANYWHERE you want! Numerous times our internet here will shut down, sometimes even our electricity. Do I have to worry? No, not at all, because IVLA can be accessed from anywhere on any computer! All you need is your log in information and a computer! So I can go anywhere with internet connection like to an outdoor cafe and sit in the sun and still get my school work done or a local library or even to my orthodontics office because he has internet too! I can go to any of these places and not have to carry any heavy books around with me because IVLA is mostly web based and I have a word document with my notes in it.

IVLA gives you instant results after you take a test making it easier for you to determine if you need to re-read your lesson and take the test again or if you move onto the next lesson. Sometimes I am even offered extra credit projects. I can use those extra credits to raise my grade if I want! I also love the opportunity to be able to improve my grades by knowing where I have to work harder by using the activity, objective and grades pages provided by IVLA when I sign in.

I love the extra time that I gain from being able to do my school work with IVLA. Because my schedule is more flexible I can use that time to make friends by going to folk dancing, ceramic and ice skating classes, and I can also meet interesting people at charity functions I participate in at 2 different nursing homes and a children’s home where we live here in Europe.

Each year I look forward to a new beginning at IVLA and meeting all the fun challenges that are given to me! And each year I look forward to meeting my teachers.  They have always been so helpful and have quickly replied to all my questions!

I love that IVLA will be there for me during the next 4 ½ years until I graduate no matter where I am living or what changes come to my life. Then it’s off to university for me!

Sarah B. (Student)

From Our 2016 8th Grade Graduates

I love IVLA because I can do what I love at the same time as doing school work. I can be outdoors one minute and the next minute I’m doing school work. It also makes traveling to watch my brother, who plays in the MLB, easy. Most of all, the teachers are great. – Bryson A.

Attending IVLA has been a wonderful experience. I have been able to improve my writing, fall in love with science, work hard at algebra, and learn very important life lessons in social studies. I would like to thank all of my teachers and mentors who were so helpful and welcoming. I would also like to say how much I appreciated the homeroom meetings, because I was able to meet people from all around the globe. Not only has IVLA been very educational, it has been a blast. Thank you again IVLA for an amazing semester. – Fiona K. 

IVLA has given me a great experience this semester. I have had an amazing semester because of the amazingly flexible curriculum, and amazing teachers like: my science teacher (Tammy Warnick), English teacher (Heather Boyd), history teacher (James Perkins) and math teacher (JanElle Hoffman). I also wanted to thank Mrs. JanElle Hoffman for making homeroom both entertaining and educational, and for introducing me to my new homeroom friends. I leave with many great memories like the “Bring Your Pet” homeroom session, learning about US history (something that’s fairly new to me as an overseas student), and I hope to make more memories in grade 9. – Gabriela S.

My year at IVLA has been absolutely wonderful. My teachers have been with me every step of the way and they have helped me grow as a student and a person. I cannot wait for what next year brings and being able to conquer the school year with them! – Ke’Andra R.

I started IVLA when I was in 5th grade.  At the time, we moved from Texas to North Carolina because of my dad being in the Military.  During that period of time not only did I study in North Carolina but also in Germany, Spain, Poland, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia, England and many other places.  The same thing happened with 6th grade.  I love IVLA because I can do what I love at the same time as doing school work. I can be outdoors one minute and the next minute I’m doing school work. It also makes traveling to watch my brother, who plays in the MLB, easy. Most of all, the teachers are great When we moved it was hard for me to focus on my school work because it was a time when my grandfather was very ill and we visited him quite often until he passed away at the beginning of my 7th grade, then it was hard to even start studying. 

Eventually I did start studying and I was very far ahead in my studies when we went on a Disney Cruise (amazing!).  Seventh grade is when I chose to a do Rosetta Stone.  Of course, I chose Spanish because most of my family on my mom’s side speaks Spanish and is of Spanish origin.  I started to fall behind when we moved from an apartment to a house and then all the holidays like Thanksgiving (went on a Royal Caribbean cruise…Disney was better) and Christmas came around. 

What was great is that every time I fell behind I would catch up!  The flexibility of being homeschooled allowed me to do school anywhere and at any time!  Eighth grade came around and I managed to finish History and Science pretty quick.  This included a trip to California, to Boston, and two trips to Honduras including a day lay-over in Panama City, Panama.  Though there were a lot of difficulties connecting or staying connected due to some kind of glitch, I was moved from Odysseyware to PLATO, which I found had no problems staying connected.  I just finished Math (June 8) and have to catch up and finish language arts.  There was always a great connection with my teachers.  I especially liked having homeroom with Mr. Perkins and the other students.

I would like to thank the Academy…just kidding.  I would like to thank all my teachers for being very helpful and kind, as well as tech support.  And a special thanks goes to my parents for pushing me to succeed.  – Christian A.