Grades 6-8

Middle School

IVLA’s online middle school programming focuses on the student’s ability to start working directly with subject area teachers.   Middle school students traditionally take 4 core courses: Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  These courses are geared to preparing students for future success in high school.

Middle school students may earn high school credit in the area of math or foreign language.  Students who have met the math prerequisites for Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II, may take these courses for high school credit.  Seventh and eighth grade students may also take a foreign language either within their desired program or Rosetta Stone.

All other high school level electives are open to seventh and eighth grade students.  However, these credits may not be used for high school credit by regulations from college entrance requirements.

Middle school students will also enjoy bi-weekly homeroom sessions where they will get to know their fellow classmates while engaging in fun activities!  These sessions are conducted in private virtual classrooms and led by their mentor.   Middle school students will have the opportunity to take part in clubs within their grade level.

Middle School students can choose from the following programs: