IVLA Attends Homeschool Convention

Earlier this month, a delegation from International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) attended Great Homeschool Convention at Ontario, California. Great Homeschool Convention is an event sponsored by The National Center for Life and Liberty (NCLL) and takes place at various venues throughout the United States. NCLL is an organization that works to protect the legal right to homeschool.

The purpose of the Great Homeschool Convention is to support and encourage homeschool families by providing speakers, workshops, and resource exhibits.

The group from IVLA that attended the convention was impressed with the variety of options for homeschool families. They enjoyed perusing new curricula and the opportunity to speak with homeschool families about the things that are important to them.  IVLA is excited to apply these insights to the new school year.

IVLA also anticipates to presenting its own approach to home-based learning at future conventions. IVLA, an accredited private online school, provides individualized, flexible, teacher-supported online learning for students in grades K-12. IVLA is proud of all it offers to families, such as:

  • Student-paced Learning No matter the curriculum chosen, students work at their own pace, taking time when needed to fully master a concept and/or working ahead as they are able.
  • Diploma Options High school students can work toward one of five diplomas: Standard, College Prep, Honors, STEM, and Career/Technical. Diploma requirements vary according to the number and types of credits needed.
  • Numerous High School Electives Gothic literature, forensic science, digital photography, American Sign Language – if you have an interest, IVLA likely has the course!
  • Independent Study Credit IVLA understands that great learning can happen in a variety of settings including the dance, art, or music studio. IVLA provides a way for students to earn credits for specialized learning beyond the core subjects.
  • Certified Teacher Support Although IVLA students work at their own pace with online curricula, they are not left on their own. Each class is supported by a certified teacher who grades work, answers student questions, and tracks student progress.
  • Mentor Support Each fulltime student is supported by a mentor who communicates closely with the family regarding overall progress, pacing, grades, and any issue the student or family may have.
  • Online Classes Students also have the opportunity to attend online classes with other students. Hosted in a secure, online virtual classroom facilitated by a teacher, IVLA’s online classes give students the opportunity to collaborate with other students.
  • Gifted and Talented Program Students grades 3-8 who thrive on being challenged can apply to be part of IVLA’s gifted/talented (GATE) program. After testing into the program, students grow through project-based learning, an accelerated learning path (if appropriate), and weekly online classes.
  • NCAA Approved Student-athletes seeking NCAA eligibility find IVLA’s program ideal – learning that fits their training schedules and excellent academics that fit NCAA standards.

Planning to attend a convention next year? Be on the look at out for IVLA! No doubt it will be a large booth – it would have to be to show all the amazing opportunities students have with IVLA!

No convention plans for you? You can still stop by! Visit our site anytime – check out our curriculum demos, see what students and families have to say about IVLA, or chat with an enrollment specialist.

Whichever way you choose, we hope to see you soon!