IVLA Takes Hands-On Learning to a Whole New Level!

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) is committed to expanding its course offerings to students and families. Toward that end, IVLA is pleased to announce its “hands-on” language courses – American Sign Language (ASL).

Beginning June 15, students can enroll in American Sign Language 1:  Learn to Sign. American Sign Language 2: Communicating will be available in fall 2018.  Both courses are certified and can be used to earn high school foreign language credits. 

ASL is the third most commonly used language in North America and many universities now accept ASL as foreign language credits. In ASL 1, students will learn the basics of sign language as well as aspects of deaf culture. In ASL 2, students will build their vocabulary, learn tools for interaction (body language and facial expressions), and explore education and career opportunities within the ASL community.


Things to Know about ASL with IVLA

ASL courses are offered through the eDynamic platform. If you’re new to IVLA, please know that you can select from several online curriculum options. You will need to choose a curriculum for your core classes (i.e. math, English, science, history), then add ASL through eDynamic, our electives platform. If you’re a current IVLA family, discuss adding ASL with your mentor. If you are about to renew, you can add it to your course request.

ASL instructor included. As with all IVLA courses, both ASL classes will be supported by a teacher who will track student progress and answer student questions. Also, each full-time student (taking three or more courses) is supported by a mentor who works closely with the family, providing an added layer of communication that enhances student success.

ASL is a middle school/high school course. Students in high school with IVLA are required to take two credits of foreign language. ASL can count toward those credits. Middle school students can take ASL as an elective. Eighth-grade students are able to take a language course that will count toward their high school language requirement, including ASL.

Enroll anytime! IVLA is a year-round school, meaning students may enroll at any time throughout the year. IVLA is fully accredited and ready to welcome your family into the world of flexible, excellent online learning.


Visit IVLA to get started in your American Sign Language course today!