Meet IVLA High School English Teacher, Ms. Bethanie Frank

Meet Ms. Frank!

What do you get when you combine a love of literature, improve comedy, and knitting? IVLA high school English teacher, Ms. Bethanie Frank! Ms. Frank was kind enough to answer a few questions.


What are your

5 Reasons for Online Summer School

Why IVLA Summer School Might be Just What You’re Looking for

Summer. Just the word invokes visions of lazy days at the beach or adventurous road trips. But sometimes summer also needs to include learning. Perhaps there is a class …

NEW! Student ID Cards Now Available for IVLA Students

You probably have tons of pictures of your student – at their birthday party, at the beach, receiving that award. But what if a picture of your student could save you money? Or get them access into cool places and …

“Extremely pleased” – One Parent’s Review of IVLA’s GATE Program

IVLA’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program provides learning enrichment, fosters critical thinking, encourages creative problem-solving skills, and facilitates cooperative learning opportunities with other gifted students.

Here is what one parent (Tami, whose daughter is 6th grader, Peyton) has …

Meet Mrs. Follansbee, an Elementary Teacher with IVLA

IVLA offers elementary level online curriculum designed to prepare children for future learning success. Elementary students traditionally take four core courses: Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. These foundational courses build the fundamentals necessary for success in each year …

IVLA Student Spotlight – Meet Gabby!

Who is a sixth grade student with International Virtual Learning Academy who really likes to “horse around”? That would be none other than Gabby! We asked Gabby a few questions:


When did you first start riding horses?

I found

What is NCAA Academic Eligibility?

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) governs athletics at the college level. Of course, college athletics begins long before the student steps onto the campus for freshman orientation. Student athletes begin in high school to build eligibility for their college sports …

How to Communicate with Teachers and Mentors

IVLA teachers and mentors are a great resource for students and their families! Communication is essential for making the most of this resource. Here are some keys to making communication with teachers and mentors as efficient as possible.

1.Include all