Online Education is an option for Students and Families

  • Who want to know more about their children’s education and what they are learning
  • Who are looking for a safe environment for their children
  • Who want scheduling flexibility to allow more time for family activities, community involvement, vacations, or part time jobs
  • Who find that their child can learn better when done at their own pace
  • Who are seeking individualized attention for their child


  • Complete K through High School
  • Flexible School Schedules
  • Customized Curriculum for Each Student
  • Open Enrollment – Year Round
  • Academic Assistance
  • Qualified Counselor Assistance
  • Permanent Record Keeping
  • Transcript Services
  • Diploma Offered for Completion of High School
  • College Preparatory Courses
  • Complete Administration Services
  • Online Physical Education (PE)
  • Parent Support Conferences

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