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PLATO is an award-winning computer based online educational approach created as a single-point “launch pad” concept. PLATO courseware is standards-based and incorporates state-of-the-art teaching approaches designed to help learners to become more innovative and productive in their learning and studying habits. PLATO can be used in a lab setting; as a blended model in which online courses supplement a traditional classroom model; or as a completely virtual experience. PLATO courseware gives educators the technology required to make real-time, results-driven decisions that can effectively boost student achievement and create an educational environment that can produce long-term, ongoing academic improvement and equip students for success on college entrance exams.

Christian CoursewareChristian Based Courses

Alpha Omega Publications® (AOP), a leading provider of Christian curriculum, has allowed Global Student Network to share the most recent release of Ignitia™ – a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) that is the latest addition to AOP’s K-12 Christian-based curriculum offerings. This new learning application includes digital courses in five core subjects: Bible, math, science, language arts, and history/geography and also offers a wide range of electives. Ignitia™ is a robust educational approach providing teacher, student, and administrative tools to streamline the academic process and promote individualized learning and digital literacy.

ApexFolderApex/Honors Learning

APEX Learning educational software is a standards-based digital curriculum focused in math, science, English, social studies, world languages and Advanced Placement courses. APEX courseware is widely used to gain original credit, for credit recovery, remediation, educational intervention and acceleration and exam preparation. Schools across the country are successfully using Apex Learning digital curriculum to assist students in building foundational skills and creating opportunities for advanced coursework. Apex Learning seamlessly transitions to Common Core with digital curriculum created to address the full and real intent of the standards. Apex students engage in active learning that assists them in developing critical thinking skills and preparing them for college and work. Apex Learning courses have been approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as meeting the requirements for initial-eligibility certification status for high school student-athletes wishing to compete in college.


GradPoint is an easy-to-use, cost-effective and comprehensive online learning solution that helps students in grades 6-12 develop the skills needed to succeed in high school, college and beyond. GradPoint provides the power to create personalized learning with proven and award-winning curriculum aligned to state and Common Core State Standards and delivered on an award-winning, intuitive learning platform.


ODYSSEYWARE delivers user-friendly comprehensive Core, Elective and grades 3-12 curriculum and educational tools designed to equip learners for academic success by incorporating a mix of grade-appropriate texts, direct instruction videos, learning activities and games. Odysseyware lessons are designed to address diverse learning styles and allow valuable interaction between learners and teachers. Direct Instruction Videos provide step-by-step guidance to assist students in understanding key skills, acquiring background knowledge, placing learning concepts into real-world context, and allowing students to learn at their own pace. Odysseyware courses include: reading; writing; math and science virtual labs; dynamic learning activities and games; and real-time student program assessment tools.

AccelerateFolderAccelerate Learning

Accelerate offers rich and engaging content designed to engage students grades K-12.  Activities include labs, journals, written assignments, and interactive games.  Accelerate has a strong focus on literacy for the earlier grades.  Reading aloud, building vocabulary, shared and independent reading experiences, writing skills, and speaking and listening practice are the tools Accelerate uses to build strong learners while they are young, ensuring future academic success.

eDynamicsFoldereDynamics Learning

International Virtual Learning Academy is pleased to announce the addition of 50 electives to its online curriculum lineup.  These academically excellent electives allow students to customize their learning as well as to interact with other students.

RosettaStoneFolderRosetta Stone Languages

The Rosetta Stone method unlocks the student’s natural ability to learn a language. No translation or memorization requirements. Read, listen and speak in any of twenty-six languages offered and stay motivated with a range of fully computerized activities and exercises. Speak confidently and build conversational skills using Rosetta Stone’s speech recognition software designed to help the language learner pronounce syllables, words and sentences. Rosetta Stone is designed to assist the student in retaining what he/she has learned using the built-in Adaptive Recall™ feature that includes review exercises to help transfer newly acquired knowledge into long-term memory.

StudyIslandFolderStudy Island

Study Island was founded in 2000 and provides K-12 students state-specific, grade-level academic coursework in a fun and engaging format. Study Island products are standards-based instructional, practice, assessment and productivity tools used to improve both student and educator performance via fully web-based platforms. Study Island course content is customized to specific state standards in math, reading, writing, science and social studies and includes engaging interactive features and games that reinforce and reward learning achievement. Educators can track student performance in real-time to identify and resolve individual learning gaps while monitoring student progress and measuring teacher effectiveness. All of Study Island’s programs are designed to create a user-friendly learning experience for both students and teachers.