High School Clubs

International Virtual Learning Academy is excited to offer high school clubs to students this year!  As always, we strive to make our students’ online education experience the best it can be!  Clubs are a great way to meet other students, enhance learning in your area of special interest or learn something new!  Once enrolled, students will meet with their mentors to decide which club they want to attend. Clubs will meet on a regular basis in a secure online classroom.

Animal Science Club

AnimalClubTeacher: Theresa Cannady

The Animal Science Club will be learning about the animal industry in the United States.  We will cover topics about companion animals, service animals, zoo and exotic animals, and agricultural production animals in our food system.


DramaClubDrama Club

Teacher: Bethanie Frank

Drama Club will explore all the different components of live theatre-directing, playwriting, stage managing, and various technical duties. We will look at the history of these jobs and see how to break into these fields today.



ElectronicMusicElectronic Art & Music Club

Teacher: Brittany Knop

Expressing creativity is a viable part of a young person’s life! The Electronic Art & Music Club will allow students to express their creativity through modern video graphic and audio computerized production methods. We hope this club will allow the student to gain self-confidence and self-esteem to express and explore their imaginations.

Health & Wellness Club

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.15.14 PMTeacher: Lynda Wathen

The Health and Wellness Club focuses on students becoming more aware of factors that effect health and wellness and ways to lead a more healthy life.  Students will evaluate their current level of health and wellness and develop their own personal goals.  Health-promoting lifestyle factors, health-risk behaviors, trends in exercise, and health-related careers will be some of the topics discussed.


International Cultures Club

CulturesClubTeacher: Lynnsey McGarrh

Traveling the world is an eye opening experience and I am hoping to inspire students to want to travel and to have a more in-depth understanding of those whose culture is different from our own.  With that in mind, this club will take a close look at the geography, history, and culture of the various regions of the world. The course will consist of music, literature, cuisine, and even interviews with people from all around the globe!!!



Journalism**Note – This club is connected to Mrs. Halstead’s Journalism class.

Students enrolled in the Journalism course will meet to discuss areas of Journalism as well as develop pieces for IVLA’s newletter.


Photography Club

PhotographyTeacher: James Perkins

Photography is a great way to show people how you view the world; it can be a very powerful way to communicate. In this course, we are not just pointing a camera at objects instead we are going to think before we capture a moment in time and then after we capture that moment look at how to develop it into what we want others to see.


SocialMediaSocial Media Club

Teacher: Brittany Knop

Society is facing new ways of communicating, connecting, and collaborating. Social Media is increasingly transforming these key issues!  The Social Media Club will look at the pros and cons of social media and allow the student to be connected privately through the use of social media on the World Wide Web.