We are fully accredited through AdvanceEd.

NCAA Approved!

IVLA offers NCAA approved courses for our student-athletes.


Enjoy all the components of our program – enriching curriculum, teacher support and a personal mentor – at one low cost.


We offer year-round open enrollment to meet the individual needs of our students and families.


All of our courses are online and available to parents and students 24/7 with an Internet connection.  Students can take their courses with them wherever they go!


We believe every student is unique and therefore we offer a variety of learning platforms.  Check out our Demos to find the perfect fit for your student!


Our self-paced curriculum gives our students the ability to explore their interests and passions while getting a quality education.


IVLA administration, teachers, mentors, and staff are committed to the success of our students and the satisfaction of our families.

Teacher Support

Our licensed teachers grade student work, offer guided assistance through courses and provide feedback to students and parents.  Teachers communicate with students via messaging, email and live virtual classroom.

Mentor Support

Each full-time K-12 student will have a school mentor who will work closely with the student and family throughout the school year.

Social Interaction

Full-time students will enjoy live homeroom sessions and clubs where they will meet other IVLA students from around the world.

Academic Planning

Under the guidance of our academic advisor, student course plans are individualized to the student’s level and needs.

Gifted and Talented

IVLA’s Gifted and Talented program offers advanced courses and enrichment opportunities for our gifted students.

College Readiness

Through guidance from our Academic Advisor and mentors, students will receive information via email and webinars concerning their post-secondary questions.